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"My America"
(Black & White)
Glacier Milk
Hard Days Work
Yesterdays Shelf
Swamp Sunset
7:00 pm
Mesa Verde
Mountain Storm over Church
Shrimp Boat at Sunset
Lake Moraine
Reflections in Yosemite
Morning Railroad Track Fog
Mackinaw Lighthouse in Fog
Half Dome
Lake Louise
Michigan Lighthouse
500 Years Old
Church in Fog
Roots View of Waterfall
El Capitan
Proud to be a Member
Moonrise over the Sierra Nevadas
El Capitan Reflections
Colorado River
Fenced in House
Hetch Hetchy
Frozen Logs
Shrimp Boat in Fog
Schoolhouse at Sunset
Seagulls at High Noon
Shrimp Boats at Sunrise
Melting Mountain Snow
Glacier at Sunrise
Saint Louis Veterans Cemetary
Colorado Sunset
Winter Storm over Grand Canyon
Old Saint Louis Factory
Rocky Mountain National Park
Grand Canyon
School Chairs
Mirror Morning
Tree with a View
Sedona Sunrise
Glacier National Park
Dead Mans View of Houston
Sedona Sunset
Lone Tree
Storm over Mackinaw Bridge
House on Mackinaw Island
Taqueonomeon Falls
Mackinaw Island Street Lights
Storm over Mackinaw Island
"My America"(Color) 
Oregon Coast Sunset
Washington Waterfall
The High Sierra's
Oregon Coast 2
Bend Waterfall
Yosemite Waterfall
Joseph Farmhouse
Mt. Rainier Nat'l Park
High Sierra Sunset
8:00 am
Waterfall #1
High Country Woods
Waterfall Reflections
Mountain Mist
Inspiration Point
Moonrise over Joseph
Port Angeles
In Yosemite Valley
Fire In The Sky
Mt. Rainier Morning
Hetch Hetchy
Lighthouse Seashore
Oregon Sea Shore
Yosemite Fog
Log Cabin
Olympic Peninsula
Autumn Trail
Crater Lake
Washington Waterfall
Pure Autumn
Hells Canyon
Yosemite Valley
Silent Trail
Crater Lake Rainforest
Yosemite Church
Autumn River
Silver Springs
Moonrise over the Sierra Nevada's
Bridge at Hetch Hetchy
Resting Log
Resting Peaceful
Hetch Hetchy #2
Crater Lake #2
California Autumn
El Capitan #2
Yosemite Valley #2
Dry Rockbed
Reflections Of El Capitan
Yosemite Refections
Autumn Waterfall
El Capitan #4
Autumn Silence
Rest In Peace
Peaceful Sunset
El Capitan #3
Cloudy Half Dome
Family History
El Capitan In The Background
Before The Freeze
Along Tioga Pass
Ready For Winter
In Full Bloom
In The Meadows
Traveled A Long Way
Peaceful Bridge
A New Dawn
Brazos Sunset
All Alone
Covered Moss
Brazos Sunset #2
Bridge Reflections
Double Lake Morning
Inks Lake
By Myself
Pedernales River
Watching The Sunset
Sunset Church Steeple
Galveston Sunrise
Waiting For The Shrimpers
Old Milk Can
Wagon Wheels
Lonely Trees
Early Morning Bridge
Oil Derrick
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