"My America"
“a portfolio”

"My America!" is a collection of  beautiful images that illustrate the magnificence that is only found in North and South America. This off the beat depiction was achieved during extensive backpacking expeditions to the most remote and picturesque corners of this great land.
All photographs are hand processsed which produces the best quality available. All photographs are printed on the finest Silver-Enriched Photographic Paper. Each print is processed to be totally “Archival”. The truly discerning Art connoisseur knows that this art will last for generations to come.

The display you are viewing is the first run of a series of 125. Prints will be signed and numbered. When 125 is reached the series will be closed. Orders may be made from this series, and will take 8-12 weeks for completion. This guarantees that the  final product will be of the finest archival quality.

All orders are processed on the finest silver -enriched, premium weight, fiber - based paper. Each photograph is double - fixed and selenium toned  for a permanence of centuries.

Adhesives, Mounting, and Sealing are the most archival available.

Matted and Framed
Up to 8x10  -  $500.00
Up to 11x14 - $1000.00
Up TO 16x20 - $1500.00
Up To 20x24 - $2000.00
Up To 24x28 - $2500.00
Up To 30x40 - $3000.00

For additional information call: 713-932-7442

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